Wayne Carroll Pattison

October 5, 1939 ~ January 20, 2019 (age 79)
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Wayne Pattison, Sr entered this world in a small house near the railroad tracks in the small town of Emhouse, Texas on October 5, 1939. His parents, Coy and Hazel Pattison, were so thrilled to have their second little boy and a brother for Benny Pattison. Wayne would grow up picking wild fruits along the dirt roads of that small town for his Aunt Ethel and Aunt "Lillun" to make jams and jellies. His daddy owned the local gas station. Country life was in his blood.
The Pattison family moved to Beaumont, Texas where Wayne attended school and played basketball and baseball. His mother Hazel started working in a sporting goods store called Oshmans along with a young girl named Jackie. Hazel eventually had the two meet and they went on a date.
The two eventually went on their third date. Jackie retells the story as this... 
Wayne : (shows up at her door) Good God almighty, I love you. I can't live without you. Tell me now if you'll marry me because I can't take the pain of going further if you don't want me. 
Jackie: Yes, I love you. Let's get married. 
Wayne: Name the date. 
Jackie: You did the asking, you do the setting. 
Next month they were married. Three dates was all it took. They knew it was meant to be. 
Wayne had two children that he loved better than life from a previous marriage. Patti and Michael were his pride and joy. Kelly and Wayne Jr came along after he and Jackie were married a few years. Life was grand. 
Wayne and Jackie spent their 50 years of marriage gardening, fishing, camping, showing horses, and laughing together. He was a true outdoorsman. Wayne loved his dinners and married a woman that could cook like no other. He adored her and always called her his girl. 
One time while fishing she jumped into the water but the boat started to drift away. There were big gar rolling on the top of the water so she asked if they would bother her. Wayne said, "No, they don't bother you. Unless you get in the water with them." He laughed as she frantically tried to swim back to the boat. Their marriage was filled with laughter. 
Wayne didn't have an enemy in the world. He was friendly to every person and kind to every animal, except fish maybe. He always had a smile and a kind heart. 
One memory all of his children share is his love of fishing. Their dad wouldn't bring the boat in until they had caught enough fish. Fried fish and French fries were a weekly fare and a memory all shared. 
Wayne loved to tell stories to his kids and grandkids at night. Favorites included scary tales like Creature from the Black Lagoon and ones about unicorns and talking animals. Every day on his way home from work he'd buy a candy for Wayne (Bub) and Kelly so when they saw him pulling into the drive they'd go running to see him while yelling, "Dad's home!" He truly loved his family. 
And his family truly loved him. For Jackie, he was half of her and her soul mate. For Patti and Michael, he was an amazing dad. Their spouses, Chris and Annice, adored him as well. Patti Smith gave him a wonderful grandson Garrett that Wayne adored. Michael and Annice Pattison gave him Coy and Clay whom he loved. Kelly and Chuck Schumann were thrilled to have Wayne as the grandfather to Rachel and Charlie who taught them his love for the outdoors. Wayne Pattison, Jr brought Katelyn and Conner into his life who he loved as his own kids. Wayne (Bub) and Denise gave him his newest grandchild Logan who dad enjoyed spoiling any chance he got. 
Wayne greeted all his kids with a happy, "Hey baby!" then turn to his wife and say, "It's our girl/boy." After that he wanted to talk about the weather and what it was doing to his gardening. For his wife Jackie, the day began with a cup of coffee, a walk outside, and "What's for dinner?" Always looking forward to the next great meal, the next landscaping project, and the next fishing trip. 
Wayne Pattison, Sr left this world in a small house near the railroad tracks in the small town of Lumberton, Texas on January 20, 2019. He was greeted in heaven by his parents Coy and Hazel Pattison and his brother Benny Pattison. 
We miss his presence, treasure his memories, and love him forever. 

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